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ISTDP Supervision




Looking to improve your clinical skills as an ISTDP Therapist?  


ISTDP Supervision is intended for ISTDP Trainees who have completed an ISTDP Pre-CORE, or are enrolled in CORE training and have a basic grasp of ISTDP Principles.  Supervisees should be able to show video of their work (with written consent from the client).  


ISTDP Supervision will help you:

  • Think clinically vs. reflexively or from habit.

  • Build Confidence and Improve your ISTDP Skills:

  • Improve capacity to co-create an internal, emotional focus 

  • Work the Triangle of Conflict 

  • Develop and improve Psychodiagnosis (case conceptualization)

  • Assess and regulate symptoms of Anxiety (while simultaneously linking to emotions and defenses)

  • Improve defense recognition and restructuring

  • Improve capacity to work within the transference

  • Increase capacity to invite and work with higher levels of affect

  • Work with countertransference

If you're interested in ISTDP Supervision, please use my contact page, or e-mail directly:

Looking forward to working with you

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