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ISTDP Supervision






Looking to improve your clinical skills as a Therapist?  

Both my parents were educators; my father a high school teacher and my mother a language Instructor in Spanish and Italian.  

Over the years, before entering the mental health field in 2008, I worked in a variety of educational settings: elementary and junior high as a substitute teacher, youth outdoors education, sports coaching with children and adults; and from 2016-2021 I was Adjunct Faculty with the California State University, Los Angeles School of Social Work, teaching both undergraduate and graduate-level courses.  


This year (2023) I completed my 3-year "Training of ISTDP Trainers" with Jon Frederickson, MSW.  


ISTDP Supervision is intended for ISTDP Trainees who have completed an ISTDP Pre-CORE, or are enrolled in CORE training and have a basic grasp of ISTDP Principles.  Supervises should be able to show video of their work (with written consent from the client), supervision will be limited without video tape.


ISTDP Supervision will help you:

  • Think clinically vs. reflexively or from habit.

  • Build Confidence and Improve your clinical Skills

  • Improve capacity to co-create an internal, emotional focus 

  • Track and work the Triangle of Conflict 

  • Develop and improve Psychodiagnosis 

  • Assess and regulate symptoms of Anxiety 

  • Improve defense work

  • Improve capacity to work within the transference

  • Increase capacity to invite and work with higher levels of affect

  • Work with countertransference

  • Learn more about Psychodynamic Principles such as: transference, enactment, unconscious vs. conscious, and conflict

If you're interested in ISTDP Supervision, please use my contact page, or e-mail directly:

Looking forward to working with you

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