David Rudesill, MSW, LCSW


About me and what to expect from therapy.

I received my Masters in Clinical Social Work from USC, focusing on Clinical Mental Health, Psychotherapy practice, and strengths-based systems of recovery from mental illness.  I grew up in the Bay Area and have been working in Mental Health in Los Angeles since 2010. I am a Licensed Clinical Social worker (LCSW #68166), I hold licenses to practice in CO and CA and am offering Teletherapy to Colorado and California Residents over 18 years old.

I've garnered clinical experience working in community-based clinics, private practice, and University counseling. I have worked with diverse groups of people across the life span, of all sexual/gender orientations, and have a particular amount of experience working with adults 18-55 years old. 


My training as a Therapist is in a modality called Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). 


I completed 4-years of ISTDP Core training in Los Angeles; am certified by the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA); and am engaged in ongoing Advanced ISTDP training groups with Dr. Patricia Coughlin and Jon Frederickson. I am currently in ISTDP Teacher Training with Jon Frederickson, MSW. I regularly seek consultation, supervision and training opportunities to hone and improve my clinical skills.  I am currently offering Training Opportunities in ISTDP.

ISTDP is a trauma-informed, attachment-oriented, experiential, emotion-focused therapy that research has shown to effectively treat many common mental health and behavioral difficulties.  ISTDP helps people resolve long-standing difficulties with anxiety, depression, intimacy and closeness, un-resolved grief, entrenched forms of self-criticism/sabotage, obsessive thinking, and more.  ISTDP can help restore or build inner and outer connections.  

Therapy is collaborative and there is no silver bullet.  I will work with you to understand your difficulties and give my full effort to help you resolve them.  It will require your best effort as well. 

Mandated Reporter: I am a mandated reporter, which means only in the following cases I am obligated to break confidentiality and report: suspected/reported child abuse/neglect (CPS), elder abuse/neglect (ADP), concrete report of plan + intent to kill oneself, or concrete plan + intent to kill another (Law Enforcement).