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David Rudesill, MSW, LCSW


About me and what to expect from therapy.

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social worker, I hold licenses to practice in Colorado (where I reside) and California.


I received my Masters degree in Social Work from USC, focusing on Clinical Mental Health, Psychotherapy practice, and strengths-based systems of recovery from mental illness. 


I grew up in the Bay Area and worked for a School-Based Non-Profit that helps children and young adults for 2 years before moving to Los Angeles where I worked for 10 years in a variety of Mental Health settings.  I've been in private practice since 2015. 

Though less so these days, I've been very active with the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI).

I've garnered clinical experience working in community-based clinics, private practice, and University counseling. I have worked with diverse groups of people across the life span, of all sexual/gender orientations, and have a particular amount of experience working with adults 18-55 years old. All people are welcome in my office.


My training as a Therapist is in a modality called Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP). 


I completed 4-years of ISTDP Core training in Los Angeles; am certified by the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA) and have trained with many different ISTDP supervisors.  I engage in ongoing ISTDP supervision to continually hone clinical skills. 

I love teaching and supervising and am currently in ISTDP Teacher Training with Jon Frederickson, MSW. 

ISTDP is a trauma-informed, attachment-oriented, experiential, emotion-focused therapy with psychoanalytic roots. Research has shown (see Allan Abbass) ISTDP to effectively treat many common mental health and behavioral difficulties.  ISTDP helps people resolve long-standing difficulties with anxiety, depression, intimacy and closeness, un-resolved grief, sexual conflicts, entrenched forms of self-criticism/sabotage, obsessive thinking, and more. Together, we can help restore or build inner and outer capacities and connections, from wanting to having.  

Therapy is collaborative and there is no silver bullet.  I will work with you to understand your difficulties and give my full effort to help you resolve them.  It will require your best effort as well. 

Mandated Reporter: I am a mandated reporter, which means only in the following cases I am obligated to break confidentiality and report: suspected/reported child abuse/neglect (CPS), elder abuse/neglect (ADP), concrete report of plan + intent to kill oneself, or concrete plan + intent to kill another (Law Enforcement).

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