All people are welcome in my office.

Pain in life is inevitable, but suffering doesn't have to be. People frequently suffer mental and physical symptoms, and or difficulties with relationships due to long-repeated patterns of thought and behavior that keep them stuck, detached, cutoff, or unhappy in their life. It's difficult to make change when we're stuck or paralyzed. 


Perhaps you've been suffering for some time, perhaps even since you were very young; but it's never too late to make changes in life.


It's my experience that with effort and focus, we're all capable of making meaningful changes at any stage in life.  My role is to collaboratively understand your difficulties, clearly identify what maintains your suffering, and encourage the experiencing of warded off emotional states.  Much research has show that the deeper we feel, the more we heal.  

My aim is to help you re-claim, or develop for the first time, the capacity to make choices in your life, live free from debilitating symptoms, or damaging personal/relational patterns of behavior. 

Effective Therapy is collaborative; so together we will determine how focusing on your emotions and deepest wishes for change can help you better regulate debilitating symptoms of anxiety; lift out of depression, and live a life that's in tune with your own rythm.


Important things to know 

  • I only work 1-1 with adults 18 and over.

  • I do not provide court-ordered/mandated therapy.

  • I will not write any letters for patients until a thorough clinical assessment and consistent therapy relationship have been established.

I have extensive clinical experience helping diverse groups of people work through difficulties associated with:

  • Anxiety (racing or intrusive thoughts, physical tension, mental worry, difficulty being comfortable or happy in social situations, migraines, GI probs, etc).

  • Depression (self-critical, entrenched in doubt, lack of motivation, feeling "cut off" or down, lethargic, detached tearful, or hopeless).

  • Sexual Trauma (men and women), Physical and Emotional Trauma.

  • Life difficulties associated with Major mental illness.

  • Intimacy and Relationships (communicating, asserting needs, leaving or getting into a relationship, etc).

  • Grief and Loss

  • Sexual Identity

  • Substance Abuse (therapy will be minimally effective if you're not interested in changing/exploring your substance abuse, or if you're actively using much of the time). *I am not a certified specialist in Substance Abuse, but am fully capable of integrating into the therapy how your substance use affects your life and what you want to do about it.

Video Taping: allows for the most precise review of what arises in therapy. Video taping allows me to closely and accurately review and assess the effectiveness of our sessions.  Videos are considered part of a clinical record, are protected by HIPAA and will require your consent.